ProjectName : hswing
Author : Hussachai Puripunpinyo
Project Type : Development Library
Language : Java
Licence : LGPL
Project Description :
hswing is a developer class that provide the vast manageable classes. The aim of this
project is helping developer to build database application on the fly. To decrease amount
of line in your code with well design library. Many classes in hswing extend from javax.swing
package. As you know managing javax.swing package directly is quite complicated and
sometime cumbersome. Many additional method that contain in hswing resolve this problem.
Version 0.0.2
This is the first public release for this project. This package contain HLaf,HList,HTable,
HFileChooser,HComboBox and HSplash.
This version don't support databound property.

CopyLeft 2006 Hussachai Puripunpinyo